Seven Ways That WordPress Website Hosting On A Quality Server Can Increase Your ROI

roi-moneyIndeed, there are many metrics for analyzing a website’s performance. And, as with all businesses, whether online or not, return on investment is most important. At some point in time, you have to make money and the best way to evaluate that is to determine how much you spent to earn the money you took in.

You also have to remember to take into account your own time, not just the dollar costs of paying for expenses. Another business item to assess is the web hosting, and to be honest, there are seven ways that hosting on a quality server can increase your ROI.

#1 SEO

Search engine optimization is a huge part of managing an online business. You want to stay on the right side of the search engines while at the same time providing excellent interaction for your users. The right hosting can help you immensely in this regard, since site speed, good server neighborhoods, uptime, and readily available pages are key factors in whether or not your site can be indexed thoroughly.

#2 User Experience

Hosting can make or break a website if the files cannot be processed. Inferior services, outdated equipment, shared hosting, limited bandwidth, database connection errors, and slow support response times all lead to poor user experiences. It is unfortunate, really, since you have done all the work to promote your business, and then problems with hosting companies and their servers can kill all your effort in a second. Granted, there are times when stuff happens, but you need to know that the circumstances are the exception and not the norm.

#3 Conversions

Having a website that works properly and is able to handle the quantity of traffic it attracts will undoubtedly lead to more conversions. Consumers want to navigate easily, make their purchases without glitches, and want to receive their confirmation emails in a timely manner. Any hitch in the transaction, and in most instances, you have lost a customer. A good quality server will aid in the process to keep things running smoothly.

#4 Time Is Money

One item that gets forgotten from the ROI calculation is the site owner’s time when problems exist. If you are in continual contact with support trying to get your site back online or fixed of any glitches caused by the server or hosting company, then you are not working on your business, per se. In other words, you have to waste fruitless time while you should be working on sales or your own customer support. To be honest, poor running servers are huge time guzzlers that don’t get documented on the financials.

#5 Better Support

Companies that have quality servers tend to have quality support. It makes sense because the owners obviously have a working philosophy of looking after their bread and butter, which is you, the customer. If you can’t get support within an hour or two for legitimate server issues, then something is wrong. And please notice, we said legitimate. Likewise, we don’t necessarily mean that the problem has been resolved, but at least a technician has responded to your ticket and is working on fixing the problem.

#6 Reduced Expenses

If your server is efficient and you very rarely have to contact support, then you won’t need a dedicated staff member to handle this function of your business. Also, good hosting companies offer management packages and will look after the server for a monthly fee. They can usually do this a lot cheaper than you can because their staff are looking after many servers at one time making their salaries cost effective.

#7 Zero Learning Curve

While you will need to learn how to upload your files and manage setting up domains and so forth, the mechanics of the server is not your problem. Basically, the technicians take care of all software updates and equipment upgrades, any outages, restoring systems, and anything that is needed as part of regular maintenance or when a customer sends in a support ticket. It is not necessary for you to know the ins and outs of the server interface.

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