Why Content is Still King * What Can You Do To Make Yours the Best?

content-is-kingRegardless of what anyone tells you, good content is the foundation of a good website. It is the credibility of your site and the reason people visit. And as we have said before, content comes in all forms from articles, to pictures, to videos.

But the key is to make the material entertaining, engaging and readable. And if you think about it, it stands to reason that the number one component of a website has to be content. How can the site exist without proper material to show visitors? That’s why it will always be the most important thing in your web build.

Now, we should make a small clarification here. Not everyone writes perfect English. Not everyone is a comedian and writes funny material. And not everyone is a poet or best-selling author. That is okay. You can still have excellent content, as long as you try to engage with your readers. When we talk about good versus bad, we mean handwritten articles as opposed to spun junk that no-one can possibly read.

Remember those automated tools we spoke about and how detrimental they are for backlinking. Well, here’s another example of staying away from automated tools. A computer cannot write like a human. True, you might the game system for a short period of time, but your readers will notice very quickly that you offer rubbish. Quite honestly, this is just another black hat method of working.

We also know that you should stay away from scraped content, another automated tool which will get you deindexed. And lastly, do not infringe on someone else’s copyright. You don’t have the right to add their material to your site, regardless of how incredible their content is.

The truth is that search engines don’t like copyright infractions. Two pages with the exact same article cannot possibly rank in the search results. The person who wrote it first and who owns the content will get the credit and your site will be left in the dust. Believe it or not, this is something that search engine bots know about.

Moving on, let’s discuss why good content is beneficial to your business, income and readership.

  • First, as we said up above, people want to be interested in what you are offering. They want to enjoy themselves. Keep them glued to your pages and increase your viewing statistics, sometimes called “bounce rate”.
  • Second, appealing content attracts nice links and improves your backlinking success. Be the site that others single out for good and not bad.
  • Third, social sharing is huge today, and others are looking for something to talk about. Make your site the go-to place for shareable tidbits.
  • Fourth, the Google Bot loves engaging content, too. You may not have noticed, but if you look in your AWstats or Google Webmaster Tools, you will see the bot that comes around regularly to find out what you are doing. It checks for new content, copied content, and other SEO rules of best practices. Be sure you give humans and bots an excellent experience.

So, when you decide to start a website, don’t say to yourself, well I am not a writer. On the contrary, become a journalist of your own newspaper. Write what you have to say in your own words and then add supporting documents such as graphics, screenshots, videos, charts and audio content to make yourself interesting and credible.

There are lots of fun, easy and cheap ways to add diverse material to your site. You might just find out that you, your readers and the bots love you for it.

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