How to Avoid Google Penalties with White Hat Seo Techniques?

penaltyWhat Are Google Penalties?

Under normal conditions a web site will appear in the Google search results and may also get traffic from Google. Appearing in the Google index is a very easy thing to do. A website needs to exist, be fully crawl-able by the Google bots and be of a basically acceptable level of quality. To rank for search terms that people routinely search for is harder. Put simply for a site to rank for these terms its must have relevant content and usually it will need some links from other websites to it.

SEO is the act of trying to push a website up the Google search results for any given keyword by actively working both on the content and the links pointing to the site. When done correctly this will work, the site will rank higher and as such will receive more organic traffic from the search engine.

However Google does not really like website owners doing SEO. It would much rather they bought traffic by using the Google Adwords Platform. And what it really does not like is site owners carrying out aggressive SEO to game the system.

So to stop SEO’s from beating the Google algorithm they create penalties for over optimization. Some of these penalties target on-site over optimization, typically this is some sort of stuffing too many keywords onto a site. The other common penalty is for building to many links, or the wrong type of links to a site.

The consequences of these penalties can vary from slight drop in rankings to being totally de-indexed from the Google search results. Obviously this can hurt traffic and more importantly income levels. As such avoiding Google penalties is vitally important.

How Can You Avoid Them?

Thankfully avoiding Google SEO penalties is really simple. Google shares plenty of advice about this but in a nutshell it just this. Do not stuff your site with keywords, do not use duplicate content on your site, do not build thousands of links to your site and no not buy spammy link building services. If you do this then you will be fine and you can run your business without fear of being penalized. It is only when you try to game the system that Google will jump on you.

What Can You Do if You Get Hit?

If you have already been hit you need to do your best to fix the issues. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what it was that caused the issue. Just do everything you can that might help your site to recover. So go through every single page on your site and make sure that it is not keyword stuffed, that the content is unique and of good quality. Then you need to clean up your links. If you have been building links you need to remove any crappy ones that you can. If there are some that you can not get rid of then you can use the Google Disavow Tool  to get rid of them.

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