What Is the Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

white-vs-black-hatMillions of site owners employ SEO techniques by one of three methods. First, either unknowingly through the content management system they use to run their sites. Second, through paid SEO consultants, and third, by their own means.

And as we know, SEO can be as simple as making sure the title of the content contains the material or keyword that we want to write about. For the most part, this is seemingly harmless and in fact, is rather common sense that you would entitle an article surrounding the subject matter.

Additionally, whether you use html, cgi or php pages, usually you try to capture the targeted content in the URL, as well. For content management systems, this will be done automatically and is called the slug. For all intents and purposes, these two SEO methods of including the keyword in the Title and URL are completely white hat.

That is to say, they are generally accepted SEO principles. To go one step further, they are must-haves on any website, both for search engines and for real people, your users, to understand your direction.

Black hat methods are more excessive in the use of targeted concepts or keywords. In this scenario, the use of keyword stuffing is the norm. it could include:

* using the keyword more times than necessary in real speech,
* typing the keyword many times at the bottom of the page in the same color of the background,
* having a script rewrite hundreds or thousands of pages with the same keyword but no real content, and
* injecting words and malicious content into the actual code.

Quite simply, white hat seo is the legal way to promote a website, while black hat is the gamut of nefarious methods used to get an advantage over others distributing content on the same topic.

Specifically, black hat SEO has one sole purpose and that is to game the system for financial gain. In the search engine’s eyes, this is illegal and is punishable with banishment of the site, never to be found in any search results. Using these methods can cause one’s income to drop to zero in one split second.

Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize some methods they use are blackhat. Take, for example, buying links and creating blog comments. Whether they use software to make the comments on other websites or they pay individuals to make thousands of comments a day or week, the end result is the same. This is spam and is not acceptable as a white hat method of promotion.

Everyday, website owners and webmasters fall into the trap of outsourcing boring tasks with the hope of building their brands. What they have effectively done is killed their own businesses.

Now, when talking about white hat versus black hat, it is generally assumed that we are talking about the Google search engine. The reason for this is simple. It is still the most popular of searching methods and users want valid and legitimate search results. Thus, Google has taken many steps over the years to remove undeserving sites from their engines.

Finally, it should be noted that you can easily fall into the black hat category without knowing what it is or without even realizing what you have done. All you know is one morning you wake up and find out that the search results for your site no longer exist.

Thus, for people starting businesses, and creating their websites to build a brand, it is important to understand the rules of the game and also, understand exactly what you are buying when you outsource services.

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