What Are the Components of Good On-Site SEO Basics * Part 2

part2-seo-componentsBasic #4 – Mix Up Content

In addition to written material and relevant graphics, other types of content is more entertaining to the user. Plus, it shows that your site is maybe better than some others and can possibly help to rank higher. Remember that you can quickly make some graphs, boxes or circles with words, of even info-graphics in your MSPaint program. You don’t have to be a pro and you don’t need anything fancy.

Continuation From Part One

Further, YouTube videos are a great way to add to your content and mix up the site. Millions of people view videos every minute of the day and sometimes, the presentations are so much better with explanations. Embed the video on your page instead of providing a link to send your users away. Try every possible means to keep your users engaged on your site.

Lastly, another form of content is audio. It’s really easy to make little audio files today, as most computers have recording capabilities. The beauty of doing this is that your readers get to know you. They put a voice to the material. But, when you do this, also provide a written transcript of the audio to cover all bases. As you can see, there are many ways to keep your readers active on the site, and at the same time position yourself for good SEO in the search engines.

Basic #5 – Linking Structure

The last basic we will discuss in this article is linking. Believe it or not, your site needs both internal and external links within the the body of the content. It is not enough to only have a navigation area, or a sitemap, or even a sidebar search. People and search engines need to be directed. Much like a traffic cop does at a busy corner, you are the one pointing the proper direction on your site.

First let’s discuss Internal Links. These are links that you use in your article to send people to other pages of your site. It lets people know that you have more great content. You only have a few short seconds to get a reader’s attention, so you have to make the most of the time.

Internal links also tell the search engines where to go next to show that your site is really about what you say it is. The internal links help inner pages, other than your home page, get indexed, so they can be found in the search results.

Second, we need to examine External Links. Now, unfortunately, many site owners are very greedy and do not want to give any credit to other sites. But that is doing a disservice to your readers, plus it is a detriment or a negative mark where the search engines are concerned. Use external links to outside sources if you respect a site and are quoting something they may have written. Even if you paraphrase, link the sentence, so that your readers can do some further reading.

Finally, your links should have title tags, as well, so that when users hover over them, they know where they are going.

Basic #6 – Keywords

Keyword is just a fancy way of saying what you are trying to focus on. For example, if you sell blue rhinestone collars for cats, people need to know that in order to make a buying decision. That might just be your product description, but in the eyes of the search engine algorithm, it is much more. It is the crux of what you are trying to rank for.

Now, there was a time, when keyword stuffing was rampant. It may still be, but with all Google’s penalties, it is less desirable now than it was. But, stuffing simply means cramming the targeted word as many times as possible into the content. So for example, several times within a small paragraph. This is a really bad idea, because in short order, you will find that page and maybe even your site relegated to the rear of the bus. Your site will be lost to searchers.

In addition to using the keyword sparsely, but in the right places, other similar phrases and synonyms are important. Many words in the English language have more than one meaning and you don’t want the search engines confusing what you are talking about. You want to be clear and concise and by using natural speech, it is more pleasant for your readers and certainly, leads the search engines to a clearer understanding of when your site should appear in specific search results.

Indeed, the first page of any search engine is a highly competitive playing field. In order for you to even consider participating, you need to make sure your site includes at the very least the components of good on-site SEO basics.

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