What Are the Components of Good On-Site SEO Basics * Part 1

part1-seo-basicsWhile every piece of your content must be user-friendly, you have to remember that the search engines need a little love, too. Humans can quickly skim a page and know whether the subject matter is what they were looking for. They are good at reading between the lines and understanding language nuances.

Search engines, on the other hand, read coding in the back of your site, which is called “the source code” and is the computer programming used to make your website work on the internet. Therefore, when building a site, the design, programming and content must follow best practice guidelines for good SEO. To give you a hand, here are six components of good on-site seo basics.

Note To Readers: Because this article is hugely important when you begin to build to build your site, it is very long, so we have broken it into two pieces to make it easier to absorb. Part One * Part Two

Basic #1 – Readable Coding

Don’t get carried away with fancy Flash pages, animated Java applets and full-page graphics that steal your indexability. There is nothing on these types of pages for the search engines to read. That means that it does not know what your site is about, nor does it have any viable content to index. The only outcome of this scenario is that your site will never rank for any term or keyword. And to be honest, those types of flashy pages are not user-friendly, either, so be careful with your designs.

Basic #2 – Images Are Content

Your images on a page can help in two ways. First of all, they are completely indexable, as Google has an Images search engine. Second, they help tell the story of the page. But for both of these points to be beneficial to you, the graphics need “ALT” and “TITLE” tags. While I know that many people use only the “ALT”, this is a mistake, as not all browsers read it and need the TITLE tag. This helps the visitors, too, when they turn off graphics or their system is running slow. The name of the graphic will load in its place. And the best formats to use are GIF, JPG or PNG.

Basic #3 – Good Description

Give your site an excellent, concise description to be used in the meta section. Spend some time on this part of your build, so that one or two sentences say exactly what you are trying to achieve. This is what will be seen in the search results and will either appeal to the user to visit or discourage them from coming. Also, it helps the search engines know what your plan is.

Basic #4 – Mix Up Content

In addition to written material and relevant graphics, other types of content are more entertaining to the user. Plus, it shows that your site is maybe better than some others and can possibly help to rank higher. Remember that you can quickly make some graphs, boxes or circles with words, or even info-graphics in your MSPaint program. You don’t have to be a pro and you don’t need anything fancy. A nice screenshot with a phrase will do nicely.

You are only partway there. Once you have mastered these seo basics, please continue to four through six on the next page.

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