Traffic Generation Organic and Beyond

trafficObviously this site is mostly based on getting organic traffic from Google. This is because we love SEO and the huge benefits it can bring to our websites (more below on this). BUT there are lots of other ways of generating traffic to your website, lets look at a few of the them here, but first…

Why Do We Think SEO is Awesome?

If you can rank some pages on your website in Google for commercial keywords with a reasonable amount of traffic you then get free traffic coming to your website looking to buy your products or services every single day! Once you get your rankings your ROI will increase with every day you keep them. This is why SEO is so flipping awesome and this is also why it is so very competitive.

Traffic From Social Media

If you play your cards right with social media you can get a lot of niche relevant traffic to your website for free. The first thing to remember is that the social media platforms do not want you to do this. They want to keep all the traffic on their sites and then sell you paid traffic (this is how they all make their money). So you need to box clever and learn about how they work. Keep a close eye on what appears in your feed, what spread you posts and shares get, etc.

Next you need to remember that people go onto social media sites for entertainment not to buy things. This means you need to not over sell them or they will get turned off very quickly. The best way to do this is to offer lots of value. This might be interesting pics, funny videos, helpful advice. Anything that your niche following will find useful. Then once they have associated you with being a value sharer you can drop in the odd direct selling piece to make money. Do not over do it and always revert to sharing free value if you need to.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic offers a huge amount of value and it can be laser targeted on some platforms. But it can go wrong and you can waste a lot of money of traffic that does not convert or does not offer a positive ROI (return on investment). You need to do you research before diving into paid traffic and then when you do you need to tread very carefully and keep your budgets low until you have proven you ROI is there.

Direct Traffic

Once you build a brand and a good reputation people will come direct to your website. They might do this from their bookmarks or from entering your URL in their browser. This sort of traffic is very useful and comes from always offering value.

Repeat Traffic From Email List

We went into how to do this in detail on this blog post here. But in short the great value of building an email list is you can entice customers back to your site at the click of a button. If you do this right it has huge potential.

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