The Appeal of Automating the BackLink Process * Why You Should Never Use Automated Backlinking Tools?

no-automated-link-buildingWe always hear about how we should work smarter. For decades now, industry has moved toward the automated method of building and manufacturing. Our brains gravitate to less work through automation. And believe it or not, thousands of website owners have been caught up in this need or desire to let software do their work for them. We all can sympathize.

Getting backlinks for a website is hard work. It is time consuming and it is tedious. And therein, lies the problem. Once a process is beneath us, we want a better way. Therefore, let’s review the appeal of automating the backlink process and why you should NEVER use automated backlinking tools.

Before we begin, it would be helpful to define the backlinking process. In order for a website to get known and ultimately rank in the search engines, having backlinks is a factor which tells everyone how popular a site is. Typically, if a well-known site has linked to your site, it could mean millions of extra visitors and a serious up-spike in income.

But, there is a huge difference between a famous website back linking to your site in a natural fashion and you going out and forcing your own back links through online software. Two things happened a few years ago that made automated tools so appealing. First of all, it seemed like the search engines were looking for popular sites to rank. A link from a credible website or one in your own subject matter meant that they voted for you. It gave your site credence in the marketplace.

The second thing that happened was, as more links were needed, it become increasingly difficult for webmasters to get the links they needed and to reach the volumes of links required to be considered worthy. Back linking became a cottage industry and the rush was on. And then, automated tools were built to make the process even simpler and cheaper. It could be done in-house and in way that required little effort on the part of the human.

Quickly and methodically, however, the sites that employed these techniques were summarily smashed down. They felt the wrath of the search engine’s power through Penguin penalties, decreased brand reputation and a totally unsustainable business model, since it was ineffective for even temporary increases in ranking. All that happened was they were removed and banned. Income was lost.

What you have to remember is that the users of the search engines, are the customers. That means that the search engine’s primary function is to deliver unbiased and highly relevant results to its users. Sites that employ automated backlinking tools are basically spammers in the eyes of the search engine.

Google, in particular, creates regular algorithms to test its results and will remove thousands of sites from their search engine, basically at the flick of a button. This is what is referred to as Penguin Penalties. The search engine cleans house of the unwanted and undesirable results that were only put there because of forced methods.

In other words, the website owners automated the backlinking process and probably has thousands of inferior sites linking to their sites. These are called bad neighborhoods and directly impact the credibility of your site.

Truly, there is only one way to get proper links back to your site and that is by letting it come naturally. Good sites will see your excellent content and want to mention or cite your material. Of course, you have the right to let them know it exists.

Even in the old days of printed newspapers, businesses contacted the news people to get their story told. Some were accepted, but many were not. You have to market your website with natural and white hat techniques in order to get any reward from the search engines.

Video Presentation

Okay, so usually we close with a video on every page, but this time we are not. I’ll tell you why. Thousands of pages of searches only turn up millions of videos telling you to buy so-and-so’s software and so-and-so’s backlinks. Since we know this is just plain wrong, we are not even going to give them the time of day. Therefore, no video will be shown on this topic.

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