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Five Tips for Website Hosting for Beginners

If you are new to the whole confusing world of owning, building, promoting and maintaining web sites then you are most likely feeling a bit confused about the vast new lexicon of technical phrases and concepts you have to grasp and understand. One area where people really often find themselves confused is website hosting. What

What You Need To Look For the Best Web Hosting For WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system that uses PHP files in addition to a MySQL database. The files process and request the information stored in the database and then display the data to users. There are two versions, one being the online system which we will not be talking about in this discussion, and

Everything You Need To Know When Choosing the Best Web Hosting For WordPress

When trying to get a website up and running on the internet for the first time, it does appear to be a herculean task for a beginner. The terminology such as FTP, HTTP, bandwidth, IP address, DNS, and managed vs unmanaged services gets very confusing when you have never encountered these terms before. But, the

Shared Hosting, VPS, or a Dedicated Server * Which is Right for You?

Choosing a place to call home for your website is indeed an onerous task at times. Aside from the fact that there are probably millions of people worldwide promoting their services as hosting providers, there is also the problem of knowing what you need in terms of shared hosting, virtual private server, or dedicated server.

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