Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingEvery website and small business owner should be doing at least some brand building, sales and marketing for their business using the major social media platforms.

For some businesses this process is very natural and very obvious. For example if you own a fashion brand then you will need to be working on hard on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase your brand and drive your sales.

But what about something totally different? What about if you own a local plumbing firm? Do people look for plumbers on social media? Not much maybe, but there are still potential avenues for sales and growth.

So lets take a look at social media marketing and how it can help your business to grow and maintain sales and reputation. Lets looks at some pointers:

  1. Social Media Makes You Easy to Find
  2. Social Makes You Easy to Recommend
  3. You Can Use Social Marketing to Build a Targeted Following
  4. Paid Social Media Advertising is Powerful and Laser Focused
  5. Basic Brand Building is Free and Easy
  6. Customer Retention is Easier
  7. You Can Build a Great Reputation with Reviews and Showcases
  8. It Helps You Rank Your Site in the Google Search Results

Now lets dig into the details:

Social Media Makes You Easy to Find

Trying to rank a website in Google can be a long and complicated process. But having an easy to find a listing on the main social media platforms is free and really simple.

We suggest that Facebook is currently the best option for this. Build out a full business profile page, with full address, phone numbers, opening times, photos, and any other useful or pertinent information.

Social Makes You Easy to Recommend

One of the great things about having a social media presence for your business is it makes it really for happy customers to recommended you.

They can share your content or tag their friends and followers in your posts. Either way it is a great way to facilitate and encourage word of mouth recommendations from your (hopefully) happy customers.

You Can Use Social Marketing to Build a Targeted Following

Whatever niche your business happens to be in there will be followers online you can target. Lets take the example of local plumbers from above.

You could find and join local groups around property developing, buy to let landlords, small business owners, DIY hobbyists, etc. Don’t just spam these groups with your links. Add some value. Engage and see if you can drum up some trade!

Paid Social Media Advertising is Powerful and Laser Focused

Facebook in particular has extremely powerful local and niche paid adverting functions. The level of control and precision you have to reach your perfect customers is superb.

Basic Brand Building is Free and Easy

As you start to build out your brand, creating and maintain basic social media platforms is a 100% total no-brainer.

It is really easy to do and you can dip in and out of it as when you chose to. What is really important is that you get your names claimed and your pages built as soon as possible.

Customer Retention is Easier

Building and maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers is really easy with social media.

If you encourage them to follow you, possibly with the offer if potential discounts or other cool stuff, then you have an easy way to engage with them again in the future.

You Can Build a Great Reputation with Reviews and Showcases

Sharing testimonials, show cases of your work, feedback from happy customers is really, really powerful. This acts as proof to potential customers that you can deliver what they want.

Lots of people do social media searches before buying so you should take this into account when carrying out your small business social media marketing strategies.

Ok, so thanks so much for stopping by to read this short article. If you would like more advice on building your brand please check out these articles here, here and here.

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