Six Great Ideas for Writing Content and Thinking Creatively

stay-interestedIndeed, plenty of website managers and owners have difficulty in thinking about content for their pages. They want and know they need a full website, not one that is so paper thin no-one wants to come back, but writing can be an onerous task for many individuals.

Just thinking up topics to keep users interested is a chore in itself. Then add the time consuming task of writing a proper article, and most people become defeated. There are however, ways to make your job much easier. In fact, the most important point that you need to remember is content is not always defined as article writing.

Content is anything you make available to your readers on your website. It can be pie charts, colored graphs, quick audio files you make about something that interests you or that you learned which could help others, videos that either you make or you find on video sharing sites, or content can be information about things that are relevant to your industry. Consequently, in this discussion, I have six great ideas for writing content and ways to help you think creatively.

#1 – About Us

It is hard to believe but so many webmasters don’t tell their readers anything about themselves or their companies. People want to hear about personal aspects and business success stories for two reasons. One is people are genuinely interested in what you do, and second, knowing about you helps build trust. If potential customers are trying to make a decision about buying a product, the more information they have, the easier it is to part with their money. Writing a nice bio or About Us or About Me section adds credibility to the website and the offerings.

#2 – Blog Introduction

In addition to being considered added content, a blog introduction tells both the readers and the search engines exactly what the website is going to deal with. There will be no confusion as to what the topic is. And the intro can come in a couple different ways. You can make the homepage the intro section, as long as the material is considerable. In this scenario, a single paragraph is not enough. It should be a firm 500 words or more in properly written sentences and paragraphs. The other way to do an intro is to add a Welcome page in the navigation bar and thank readers for coming. Again, this is a full page, so make it count. The third way to do a blog intro is in the sidebar. This method will be much shorter than the other two. Keep it concise, brief and interesting.

#3 – Using “How To” Phrases

It has been found that the majority of searches start with the phrase “How To”. People everywhere are looking for ways to do something. If you think about things people want to learn, then you write articles around that. Choose a set number of points you want to discuss and then it will be easy to write because you have to only compose about 100 words for each point. If you have an introduction at the beginning, then five items to discuss, right there, you have a significant article of 600 words. Add more points to get yourself a longer post. To be honest, just copy the layout of this article and you will have a winning template!

#4 – Interesting Lists & Top Tips

Lists can be boring or they can be a great way to add content to your site. Excessively long lists are not going to get read. People don’t have the time or the attention span. But if you tell them, you have chosen the top ten movies of all time with a short description of each, you will have many people that are interested. Add some copyright free pictures and you can make an engaging page that will keep readers coming back.

#5 – Plans For the Future

Much like the About Us section, users like to know your goals. Speak about how the website will change over time and what you plan to do with your products. If you are seeking investment, for example, for research and development on a patented product, let everyone know.

#6 – Be Inspired By Others

Find people you like in your niche and talk about what they are doing. Not only does this provide added information for your readers, but it allows you to keep your site current and keep abreast of industry changes. But one thing you do not want to do is copy their material. This is not about stealing content. This is about being inspired and praising another blogger or critiquing their work in a nice way.

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