SAFE Backlink Building

linksAs we have explained in other posts, building safe backlinks to your website is very important to help increase your Google SEO rankings. More importantly as you increase your rankings your traffic will increase and this is the first step to making more money.

Is ANY Backlink Building Safe?

Yes, there are many type of backlinks that are totally safe for your website, but there are also lots of very unsafe ways to build links. If you stick to the advice we share throughout this website you will be fine. It is easy to stay safe if you don’t get too lazy or too greedy!

Social Media Marketing for SEO

If you carry out a good, natural, social media strategy, designed to get people engaging with you on the social media platforms by both clicking and sharing links from your website this will help your SEO. This is very safe, very whitehat and effective. Don’t try to be clever, don’t pay for social signals just add value and you will gain direct traffic and a boost to your Google rankings.

Guest Blogging the SAFE Way

We have explained how to do this in details here. So you can do it without getting any Google penalties but in short all you need to do is offer value and only work with other genuine sites that also offer value. Also never, ever buy blog posts from a service of any sort. This is asking for trouble, stay well clear (you have been warned)!

Follow/No-Follow What You Need to Know

Follow and no-follow links are two different types of code for of creating links using HTML. Some of this is way too technical but some of it useful to know. In short, follow links are good for SEO but bad follow links can cause issues with rankings. No-follow links are not as good for SEO but are totally safe from penalties. So if in doubt build no-follow links (you will find a lot of links are automatically no-follow such as links from YouTube or

Anchor Text Optimization DON’T DO IT!

Anchor text is the text used when building hyperlinks. For example you could click here to read about anchor text or you could click this link instead. In the first example the anchor text is “click here” in the second it is “this link”. In the older days of SEO site owners used to stuff all their keywords into the anchor text of their links to give a relevance boosting rank. But Google got wise to this and started penalizing sites with a lot of optimized anchor text. The simple way to avoid this is to never, ever build optimized links with your keywords in them. Now you might find this temptation hard to resist, but remember safe SEO is about the long term, so put aside easy gains for long term success and NEVER stuff your anchor tests with keywords.

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