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Outsourcing SEO Yes or NO?

outsourcingSEO outsourcing has a very, very poor reputation. Ten years ago it used to be that you could buy ten thousand links off some company working out of a back street office in some Indian city and you would get a very fast and long lasting boost in your rankings. However those days are long gone!

But there are still many people from all over the world that are selling SEO services. Some of these services might be safe and effective but most are not. Some might be effective until you get hit with a Google Penalty. Some will not even help you rank in the short term and some might even get your site totally de-indexed from Google!

Is Outsourcing Your SEO EVER a Good Idea?

Yes it can be but only for certain services, only if you already know what you are doing and only if you either know and trust the service provider or if you can easily undo their work if it goes wrong and your rankings tank. Let us break each of those down into more details so you can understand what we mean.

What type of services are safe to buy and what are not? Hiring someone to do key word research for you is totally safe and could give a good ROI. An expert can dig out phrases you might never think of that could be easy to rank for and convert really well. But paying some one to build links for you is pretty much never a good idea. Google really frowns on this sort of behaviour and it is a very easy way to get slapped with a brutal Penguin Google penalty.

Before doing any outsourcing you should have at least a basic knowledge of the tasks you are buying. This is really important as it means you can assess the quality of work they do and make sure they don’t do anything that will hurt your website.

Some things to AVOID!

Never buy links. Just do not ever do this. It might give you a short term boost to your rankings, but in the long term all it is going to do is cause you serious issues.

Never buy a service from anyone who makes any over the tops claims about ranking success. You will find lots of hyperbolic claims and guaranteed ranking. These are all lies. No one can give cast iron guarantee of ranking, it is just not possible.

Never buy a service that you cannot undo if you need to. Don’t pay some one to builds links that you cant delete if you need to. Don’t pay someone to add some clever setup to your work website without having a backup you can restore from if it all goes wrong.

It if seems too good to be true then it probably is. Try not to let their slick sales copy and your eagerness for success kid yourself into falling for a silly scam.

Ask yourself the question why are they selling this service instead of ranking sites for themselves? There is an old saying “in a gold rush sell shovels”. It is easier to sell SEO services than it is to actually rank. The potential vendors out there rarely rank for an valuable terms themselves which speaks volumes as to their level of expertise and the efficacy of their services!

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