Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

affiliate-marketingNO is the short answer but let us dig into this in more details. Before we do just in case you are not sure let’s explain what it is. Affiliate marketing uses a special tracking link to send traffic to a sales page. If traffic clicks through the link and buys from the sale page then the person who built the link will get a share of the profits from the vendor.

Why does affiliate marketing have such a bad reputation?

The main reasons it has such a bad rep are the “make money online scams”, the scammy products such as weight loss pills and the perverse incentives that are potentially there with this type of marketing.

The make money online niche is a very murky one. There are many scammers and snake oil salesmen telling people that they can easily make money on autopilot from affiliate marketing. Many people have wasted many thousands of dollars on courses from these types of guys and this gets linked to affiliate sales even though the two are not necessarily related.

Affiliate vendors and promoters often use the method for promoting really dodgy products such as magic weight loss pills, super expensive pay day loans and pharmaceuticals.

Finally the perverse incentives. One niche where you will see a lot of affiliate links is product reviews. Now if these affiliates do honest reviews of the products and then see how they sell that is one thing. But what often happens is that they will promote whichever product is most likely to make them the most money. This leaves the person reading the review being duped into buying the wrong product just so the marketer can make more cash.

So you can see for lots of very good reasons marketing with affiliate programs has not got the best reputation. However this is unfair. There are many good products and programs out there, rad on to find out more…

Now lets talk about the good stuff

Many online vendors have affiliate programs, one of the biggest is Amazon. They have a huge affiliate program. It is highly respected and has strict rules to stop their affiliates from ripping off either Amazon or their customers. It is known for being very active with its banning and this keeps most affiliate in line whilst getting rid of the bad ones.

So do you want to try affiliate marketing?

To give it a go you need a few things. Firstly you need a traffic source, this can be paid traffic, SEO traffic from your website or social media traffic. Next you need an affiliate program that accepts your type of traffic. Finally you need one or more products form the program to promote.

In a nutshell all you do is send your traffic to the sales page and see how it converts. Obviously there is a whole lot more to it than that but that it is something you need to research, study and practice.

So, we hope we have explained why there is a cloud of bad reputation hanging over affiliate marketing. And we also hope we have gone some small way to giving it a less scammy one. If you want to generate traffic from SEO please have a look around the site you will find tons and tons of great free information.

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