How to Monetise Your Blog

$$$So you have got your blog online. Some people are reading it, you are getting traffic from one or two places, now the really important question. How do you make some money?

There are a few fairly easy ways to make cash from blogs. All of them require a lot of traffic to make the big bucks, but a little stream of income trickling in is fairly easy to achieve.

Below are some of the best methods to get you going. We suggest you try them all but it is really important that you test everything carefully. Study split testing and you will most definitely reap, the rewards.

Google AdSense (and other ad services)

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows you to place Google ads on your website. If anyone visits your site and clicks on any of the ads then you make a little bit of money. So the more people you get to your site and the more of them click on your ads the better.

This is great first step for making money from your blog. BUT you need to be careful how you go about it. AdSense has very strict rules that you need to follow to keep your account and to make sure you get paid out.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping also known as white label is the process of pretending to sell stuff! Lol, we are kind of joking here but not totally.

So you set up a little store on your blog with products that you think your readers might buy. But you don’t actually sell the products. You just take the order and then pass it on to a third party service who sends out the products and you split the profits with them. It is a very easy way to test selling physical products from your site without having to invest in stock, storage etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a bit of a bad reputation. But do not let that put you off from giving it a go. It is a really cool way to make some cash. An affiliate link is a link you add to your site that sends traffic to the vendor’s site. If the vendor gets a sale from your traffic then you a share of the profits.

The biggest affiliate program out there is Amazon, the commission rates are not great but the traffic converts really well. Once again, just like Google AdSense, the Amazon affiliate program has some very strict rules you need to follow. But don’t let that put you off, it can be a nice little earner if you match your traffic to the right products.

Sell Products

Finally you can sell digital or physical products from your blog. Digital products might be a video course or an eBook. Physical products should be related to your niche so that they have the best chance of selling. As this is the most involved way of monetizing your site we recommend testing the water with some of the others first and the moving to your own products once you have a good idea that it will be viable and profitable.

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