How to Increase Your SEO Rankings

SEOFirst just to be clear let’s define what we mean when we say “increase your SEO rankings”. SEO is short for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of actively working on a web site to improve where it is appearing in the Google search results for a specific phrase or keyword. If you can get a site to appear higher in the search results then you have improved its SEO rankings.

Have you got the right keywords?

Before you start working on this you need to think very carefully about the keywords you are trying to rank for. There are two main factors to consider during this process.

Firstly how competitive is the term you are going for? Trying to rank for “sneakers” would NOT be easy at all, but going for “buy running sneakers from a shop near me” would be a LOT easier. Most of this is just common sense but there are SEO competitive analysis tools out there than can help with varying degrees of accuracy.

Secondly you need to focus on keywords that are likely to bring you sales. For example “how do microwaves work” is not a good keyword for selling microwaves. But “microwave reviews 2017” might be a lot better.

Is your on site SEO ok?

On-site SEO is the process of making your site and individual pages relevant to the keywords you are targeting. People often want to really over complicate this and there is some value in gong deep on this. However for now just write natural content related to your target phrases and you will be good to go. Do not force keywords into the text, this will only hurt your long term SEO efforts.

How to build SAFE backlinks

Back link building is an area when you can get huge increased in rankings and reap the financial rewards. But it is also an area where things can go very wrong. Check this post on Google penalties for more information. The safest way to build powerful, effective links is by doing whitehat guest blogging. We have explained in detail a step-by-step process of how to go about it and you can find out more here. But to sum it up if you are adding value to genuine sites by writing good articles then you should be ok in terms of both long-term rankings safety and avoiding penalties.

Did it work?

So you’ve tidied up your on site SEO and built some backlinks and now you want to know if it worked or not? Firstly be aware that safe SEO is a long, slow drip fed process. Don’t expect instant results but do expect to get increased rankings slowly over time if you just keep steadily working at it.

To track if you were successful you can use a rank tracker like this one. This will automatically check you rankings and chart your progress. Ultimately though, the best stats to check are traffic. If your organic traffic goes up then your SEO efforts are working, its that simple!

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