Five Tips for Website Hosting for Beginners

Free Website Server Hosting PackagesIf you are new to the whole confusing world of owning, building, promoting and maintaining web sites then you are most likely feeling a bit confused about the vast new lexicon of technical phrases and concepts you have to grasp and understand.

One area where people really often find themselves confused is website hosting. What is it? What sort do you need? How much should you pay? What do you do with it once you have it? And on it goes.

So to help absolute beginners understand hosting packages and servers we have put together this short and simple list of five tips for hosting a website for beginners. Then at the bottom of this little list we have shared links to more posts related to website hosting that we really hope you might useful or interesting.

  1. What Exactly is Hosting?
  2. What Sort of Hosting Do You Need?
  3. How Can You Find a Good Website Hosting Provider?
  4. Getting the Best Bang for Your Bucks
  5. Knowing When to Upgrade Your Servers

What Exactly is Hosting?

Hosting is the place where your website’s files and databases are stored. Usually they are stored in a hosting server, which is just a type of computer, connected to the internet and setup to for hosting.

The three main types of hosting are shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is when you share a server with lots of other sites. VPS hosting is where you are sharing space on a larger server but have more control over your hosting package. A dedicated server is a server just for your site totally on it’s own.

What Sort of Hosting Do You Need?

For the vast majority of new web site owners a small, cheap hosting package on a shared server is more than enough. We would only suggest thinking about a VPS or dedicated servers if you have expectations of large volumes of traffic from day one of your site being live. The cost savings of sticking to shared for as long as possibly are usually well worth it.

How Can You Find a Good Website Hosting Provider?

We recommend researching and reading lots of website hosting service reviews. There are some great sites offering unbiased reviews and advice. Do a deep dive into them and you might save yourself time and money in the future!

Getting the Best Bang for Your Bucks

One thing to keep an eye out when you are choosing which site-hosting providers to pick from is the ability to easily upgrade. If they offer this service it is a big plus because then you can start on a cheap package and then easily upgrade when it is absolutely necessary.

Another great way to save money on hosting is to keep an eye out for sales and discount vouchers. Black Friday server deals and other potential savings are easy enough to find for a focused bargain hunter!

Knowing When to Upgrade Your Servers

People often upgrade their server too early and waste money unnecessarily. The only time you really need to upgrade your hosting server package is when either your disk is space is close to being used up or your traffic is using up too much load. If you are worried about this speak you your hosting provider and get their advice.

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Ok, so that is all we have for you on this post. Please take a look at some of the links above and thank you so much fro stopping by to visit and read out site!

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