Five Reasons To Be Wary of SEO Services

be-carefulOften, website owners get caught in traps when trying to promote their products and services. Everyone needs advertising and probably help from others who offer paid services, but the problem is that many services out there are hugely detrimental to your seo efforts and therefore, your bottom line. And it is not only newcomers to the online world that find themselves with major problems, but also very experienced business people who do not fully understand what they signed up for. Reviews may look wonderful, but as we all know, anyone can make up information about their services to get customers. One of the biggest pitfalls for website owners is people and companies offering SEO services, so let’s examine five reasons why you should be wary of SEO services.

#1 Ineffective

One of the greatest complaints I hear from website owners is that their pages are not found in the first positions in the search engines. Further, they paid someone who guaranteed that exact feat. Well, no-one can get you in the first position unless they are doing something underhanded, and even then, the results will be short lived. The only people that have control over a search engine are those that work for the company and are instructed to change the results. Outside parties cannot guarantee anything.

#2 Over Priced Services

Because search engine optimization seems to be a mystery, website owners mistakenly believe that some individuals and companies have figured out the “secret sauce” recipe and thus, know something the rest of us do not. For this reason, the services are generally very expensive and overly priced because it appears they are offering high value services. Again, in reality, you are agreeing to damage your own reputation and website promotion efforts.

#3 Reseller Packages

Many people sell products and services for other companies. It is common for internet service providers and telephone companies to resell for bigger, major companies. Not everyone can afford to start up a brand new company with the same infrastructure as existing players in the marketplace. The same is true of SEO services. But in this case, it is not to your benefit because you have no clue who you are dealing with and what those third party people are doing with and to your website. You pay your money to someone who sends your order to someone else and there is zero control. You have no-one to complain to when things go wrong.

#4 Fake Services

This is a real problem when purchasing seo services. It is very difficult to verify what exactly a company has done for your website, so it makes it easy for fake service vendors to flourish. One of the biggest issues is the internet is not static. It is dynamic. That means things change over time and very quickly. A link could be valid now, but gone in ten minutes. Since, you have no way of knowing whether or not your backlinks, for example, ever existed, you don’t know whether the services you paid for where legitimate or not.

#5 Spam Related Services

The truth is most search engine optimization services revolve around spam. Anytime someone offers a large quantity of something, that means it is spam. Remember, you don’t need quantity to succeed in the search engines, you need quality. And while, at the time, you might have thought a million backlinks was a good thing, it is going to take a long time to fix the damage done from that one task. If not in the short term, definitely in the long term, your site will suffer, and maybe even be removed from search results for bad behavior. The same holds true of plastering the same guest posts on many sites and sending exact copies of press releases to many outlets. If any task is done in excessively large quantities, it is spam, plain and simple.

One final comment, which is the crux of this discussion. It is always a lot easier and more effective to avoid bad seo practices than to fix or undo poor seo behaviors. The time spent and money lost in potential earned revenue, when falling prey to SEO service vendors, will far outweigh the work involved in trying to stay on the right path of the search engines.

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