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While there are a lot of myths on the internet, there are many more sites that provide excellent resources when wanting to learn new techniques and when needing to reference accurate material.

All About SEO

Since this site is about providing you with SEO best practices, and we can’t possibly write volumes on the subject, we thought the most logical thing to do was point you in the right direction to find information and resources.

If you have been around the world wide web for some time

  • building and growing your site,
  • backlinking,
  • promoting through social media,
  • and using paid traffic methods to gain more customers,

then you may know these people and their sites already. If you’ve come across them, that’s good because it means you are trying to stay in the loop.

On the other hand, for beginners, the extra material cited here will certainly give you a broader perspective on your own SEO methods. It should help to find people that are legitimate in what they do and have spent the time to research and actually try different methods for success.

Okay, this first one is just kind of a broad stroke here. What we did was a search on YouTube for videos explaining What Is Seo? Here’s what we came up with. You can pick and choose what you’d like to watch.

This video shows you just how important search engine optimization really is. It is being taught at university as part of the business division. Not to state the obvious, but you can see that seo is absolutely a requirement for businesses new and old.

Search Engine Land tends to be a good go-to resource. They are very quick at identifying and making others aware of changes at the search engines and how those changes impact your site. Their news is up-to-date and current. You can find them here.

You’ll seriously have to take some of the articles here with a grain of salt, but you only need to find a few gems to help you out. Here is another search for you on Mashable.The good part is every time you search, there will be new content to review.

Even Yahoo! has a page for SEO Tips. Check it out here.

The Business Dictionary can help to clarify concepts and definitions. We’ve started you off with the page on search engine marketing.

Matt Cutts has left his position at Google some years ago and joined the US Digital Service. But he probably has the most relevant and biggest collection of information on SEO, SEM and other website building techniques out there. Here is his YouTube Channel.

We have done a guide on keyword research which is important when planning your site and trying to rank for specific phrases. The idea is to find some natural combinations of words in order to benefit from organic traffic, which is the opposite of paid traffic. Although you don’t want to depend solely on natural traffic, every little bit extra helps. Here are a couple free sites that offer keyword results from your seed phrases.
Keyword Planner ||| Keyword Tool

Another resource that most people would not think about reading when it comes to search engine optimization is Forbes. Because this has been such a traditional business magazine, many today put it down to the “old establishment” type reading. Nothing could be further than the truth. The writers regularly discuss the importance of website promotion and ranking. As a result, I think this shows just how important SEO is to the success or failure of any site. In the article highlighted here, the writer talks about social media and how it relates to SEO.

One other site to mention is Search Engine Watch. It publishes current information on trends in the industry, how to do certain tasks, and other articles on pay-per-click, seo, mobile promotion, analytics, tracking and reporting. They’ve been around for a while, so you are bound to find some useful tips.

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