Eight Simple Off Site SEO Tips To Help Promote Your Brand

What's NewTraffic is a key ingredient to a successful business and therefore your website. Without users, you can’t make money, much like corner stores need customers to walk through the doors to make a profit. And one function of good SEO is to not only rank in the search engine results, but ultimately to increase readership and gain consumer confidence. And while it seems that there are all kinds of rules regarding what you can and cannot do when it comes to search engine optimization, there are ways, nonetheless, to legitimately drive traffic to your site. In fact, here are eight simple off site SEO tips to help promote your brand.

TIP #1 – Guest Blogging
When you make alliances with other website owners, you might be able to offer some content to them in return for a bio about yourself or some type of link to your website. But the thing to remember here is the link is not the focus of the exercise. You need to provide the site owner and the users something of value. Engage the readers, so that they want to follow your link and find out more information about the subject and even you.

TIP #2 – Natural Social
This refers to others highlighting your content in their posts. Although you may have your own social media accounts where you announce new material, if others like your style, or your information, they will naturally feature your content on their social media pages. They will make a post about what they saw and ultimately, more people will come to your site through this method.

TIP #3 – Business Directories
Adding your business name to directories may seem old school, but it still works. There is no reason why you shouldn’t let others know about what you do. And with this method, you can use online directories, as well as community related directories to get your name out there. Of course, some you need to be a member to be included, but if they offer services that you will enjoy, then you may as well make the most of your membership.

TIP #4 Quality Content
What I find the most interesting about writing and providing quality content to readers is that it actually attracts other good content and website owners. What I mean by attracting content is if your article is well written and informs others of things they didn’t know, then they will participate in conversation through the comments section. An excellent discussion may ensue, which in return can get you more visitors. Likewise, site owners are always on the lookout for good resources and your site might get mentioned on their site as a result of your expertise on a topic.

TIP #5 Blog Comments
Okay, there is only one type of blog comment in my opinion and that is not spam. Rather, it is sincere and genuine comments that add value to discussions and help others. You might provide a differing opinion, but that allows others to be engaged, as well. Just be polite if you disagree. There is no need to get into a boxing match online.

TIP #6 Build Relationships
Most likely, everyone is trying to get ahead with their search engine optimization methods. By aligning yourself with others, not only can you learn strategies that you didn’t know about, but you can also benefit from cross promotion.

TIP #7 Create Excellent Products
Regardless of what type of service or product you sell, be sure to create something of use or value to your potential customers. You want to be known in the industry as someone who goes the extra mile and gives customers what they need. The online community is a very small place and word gets out quickly if you offer shoddy workmanship.

TIP #8 Offer Customer Support
While it can be expensive to offer support services for your products, at the same time, it sets you apart from the crowd. By providing an enjoyable shopping experience, customers will come back and they will talk about you and your services. And believe it or not, this does help incredibly with SEO.

Bonus Tip#9
Press releases are another way to build your brand while at the same time rounding out your SEO efforts. Watch the video to learn more.

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