Eight Non-SEO Traffic Sources Available for Safer Marketing

Getting Your Brand Out ThereWe’ve spoken a lot on this site about types of traffic and how each impact your marketing efforts. Obviously, the top reason for needing traffic is you have to be able to sell your services or products. Getting visitors to your website is the key to exposure and potential profits. But we’ve also highlighted traffic sources that are dubious, at best, as well as those that can ramp up your acceptable promotional methods. In this article, we are going to show you eight NON-SEO traffic sources available for safer marketing of your website, services and products.

#1 Social Media
Even if you don’t have a huge following on your social media accounts, your website can still benefit from making regular posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. To make social media work best, you have to interact. In other words, if you like other people’s content or repost their material, many will in turn reciprocate and help you out if your provide interesting things for their audience.

#2 Compelling Content
Writing content that is engaging, informative, properly composed with good grammar, and generally wanted to be read by others will always win you brownie points. Real people are not interested in articles that are spun by computer programs or that cannot be read in a coherent manner. Whether your website receives lots of visitors or not, you do want to offer good content in order to get the visitors to come back, post your content on social media, and of course, eventually buy your products.

#3 Word of Mouth
Having others speak on your behalf is a powerful way to gain readership. Think about when you eat an excellent restaurant. You tell others about your great experience. The same is true of website promotion. If you offer something different or a gimmick that people find neat, then they will mention it someone else. Plus, if they have a considerable following on social media, and they take the time to let others know what they saw, it can be a huge benefit to your site.

#4 Email Lists
Indeed, email lists can be kind of tricky nowadays. More people are trying to pare down the places where they have subscribed to newsletters than they are adding their names to databases. But lists are still very effective if used properly. For example, subscribers don’t want to be bombarded on a daily basis. Also, they want something of value to them. It has to be worth their while to open your email and read what you have to say.

#5 Paid Traffic
There is nothing wrong with paying for visitors as long as they are real and not bots. You also need decent traffic. Sending adult or gambling visitors to a dog care site is not going to help your cause at all. So while paid traffic is an excellent source of non-seo traffic, be selective when you choose a network to send you traffic.

#6 Sign Up To Google Alerts
I admit this method is a bit of work, but if you want exposure, it does help your marketing action plan. Choose a couple blogs or topics in the same niche as you. Set up the alert, so that you get an email when they post new content. Read the content right away and make an educated comment. Don’t spam the site, but present yourself as an expert when you speak. Others will follow your link if you provide them something of value in the comment. When you add a link, be sure it is to an actual url on your site with relevant content, so the new visitor is engaged right away.

#7 Conduct Interviews
Interviewing others that are of interest to your audience helps you because most often the person being interviewed will let their readership know that they have been interviewed. Plenty of sites have pages for media highlights where they show newspapers and other sites that have written about them. This method can provide you substantial exposure.

#8 Offline Marketing
Good old fashioned techniques to promote a business still work. Examples include creating a fun flyer to hand out at trade shows, having business cards printed, so that people know about you and your websites, as well networking at business breakfasts and after-five events, which help to promote your brand and keep it in the limelight.

Video Presentation

This may be an old video, but it still has some great points for offline marketing.

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