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You can use this page to contact either me (Danbo) or my partner Serina. We both like to talk to people and are very outgoing. Sometimes, we think we should have started a discussion forum instead, but that would be a lot more work and it takes a long time to build up readership.

If you have a suggestion for us, by all means, please let us know.

And of course, if you are a spammer, please just go away. It would be kind of ironic to spam a website promoting the virtues of white hat seo, would it not?

We do like to get involved in other projects and don’t mind looking, but the minute someone asks us to invest money or buy something, we just shut down with our responses, so please refrain from solicitations. Thank you.

For legitimate requests and communication, please see our Privacy and Cookies Page to understand how your email address is dealt with. The short version is, we only use it to answer you.

Danbo & Serina

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