Everything You Need To Know When Choosing the Best Web Hosting For WordPress

codingWhen trying to get a website up and running on the internet for the first time, it does appear to be a herculean task for a beginner. The terminology such as FTP, HTTP, bandwidth, IP address, DNS, and managed vs unmanaged services gets very confusing when you have never encountered these terms before. But, the good news is you will become a pro very quickly, as we have composed a brief synopsis of everything you need to know when choosing hosting for your website.

#1 Different Types

You’ll read on most hosting sites about single domain shared plans, cloud services, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Many services have now cropped up offering dedicated wordpress hosting, since the content management system has become so popular and is used by both huge conglomerates and small site owners. Before you choose any plan, it is customary to make of list of what you need and then choose accordingly.

#2 Best Plan

Obviously, you want the best plan for the money. And truthfully, everyone is looking for a good deal. But, please do not confuse the amount you pay with the service you receive. Although we should get the best customer support and equipment stability for the more expensive plans, at the same time, this is not always the case. Do some research before buying to find out what others are saying. You’ll quickly see a pattern and know what companies are more reliable in the industry.

#3 Databases

As we have mentioned, most sites are now built with WordPress, which uses at the minimum one SQL database. But there are many reasons why a site owner would require more than one. Some hosts only permit the one on shared hosting, while others, yet have no database availabilities. Likewise, if you are using CGI scripts for housing data, or MS Access, you need the correct connectivity. This again, means that planning is important before signing with any hosting provider.

#4 Rent or Buy

Many individuals operate their websites through a dedicated server. But, in most instances, you don’t own the server. On the contrary, you rent the equipment for a monthly or yearly fee and the provider owns the equipment and sometimes provides their licenses for software. In rare cases, like huge corporations, they will buy their own computers and house them in large datacenters.

#5 Software Licenses

Quite a few hosts are able to use their licenses for their customers. For example, cPanel, which is a type of control panel to get around your server or hosting account. There are, however, other companies that pass on those fees to customers or in the cases of specialized software, the costs are borne by the customer that requires them. The hosting provider is under no obligation to provide free software licenses, so be sure to check beforehand what you are responsible for.

#6 Speed Of Site

While the site owner is responsible for the speed at which the website loads, at the same time, different servers can cause delays in the responses. There many be too many customers on shared hosting; there could be faults with the server equipment; the software may be outdated; and the equipment itself may old. If you find that your pages are not processing fast enough, and you have determined that your plugins, scripts, images, caching programs, and the like are not the issue, then assume that there is a problem with the hosting server. You’ll either want to contact support or possibly change providers.

#7 Quality of Support

Needless to say, you want to be able to contact support when you have a problem. Further, you should be able to expect a timely response, and a viable solution to the problem at hand. Unfortunately, you have to test a company out before knowing about the efficiency of their ticket system and the quality of their technicians. But, if you have given the company several opportunities to help you with legitimate server issues, and they are poor in this regard, then it is time to look for a new host.

A Presentation On the Definition of Hosting

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