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What Is Local SEO * Who Can Participate and Why?

In addition to the on-site SEO, social signals and legitimate backlinking, that we have previously spoken about, there is another type of SEO which is specifically targeted to local businesses. If you own a bricks and mortar business, like a dentist, clothing shop or bakery, where clients come to you, then you qualify for local

What Is the Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

Millions of site owners employ SEO techniques by one of three methods. First, either unknowingly through the content management system they use to run their sites. Second, through paid SEO consultants, and third, by their own means. And as we know, SEO can be as simple as making sure the title of the content contains

What Is SEO * How Does It Impact Your Website Marketing Efforts?

SEO is the short version for Search Engine Optimization. It is a means to let the search engines know what your website is about and to better inform your users of your content. In its simplest form, it means giving your articles titles that contain relevant keywords, making sure the article’s URL has similar wording,

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