Always Offer Value!

valueNo matter what you are doing with your online presence you should always try to offer value. Some of that value might be free and some of it might be in exchange for cash in terms of sales. But you always focus on making sure that you offer as much value as you can then you will be on the right path for the long term. You will build a loyal following and word will spread, this is the best sort of marketing there is!

Social Media Value

When you are building a social media following it is absolutely vital that you offer value. Social media users are bombarded with stuff all day every day and yours must stand out from the crowd. It can be interesting articles, funny videos, cool photos. But it must be interesting, eye catching, funny or informative. The classic mistake people do with social media marketing to just promote their own stuff. People get bored of this VERY quickly so don’t do it! You can promote what ever it is you are trying to sell but make sure you do it very rarely and that it is wrapped around lots of non-promotional content. If you do too much promotional stuff you will find your followers either disengaging or worse un-following you.

Content Value

When you create content for your website it must have value to your target audience. You can’t just expect to write poor quality content trying to trick the search engines into giving you some traffic and then see lots of conversions. Write for real people with something of interest and you will reap the rewards.

Product Value

When you are selling your own products online you really want to make sure there is plenty of value when compared to the price you are charging. The internet is the biggest marketplace ever created and you have to remember you are facing a huge amount of competition in pretty much every market. So it is vital that you get the offer right and not only that you need to express the offer in the right way. Your potential customer should be left in no doubt what so ever as to the benefits they will get from your product in return for them parting with some of their hard earned cash. Get this right and you will sell a lot. Get it wrong and you might not make a single sale!

Email Value

In another post  we discussed building a list of email address that you can use to engage with your customer base. The same value rules apply here is with social media. If you just send sales offers to your list they will soon un-follow you. But if you send out content that they find useful you will create an avid following of potential customers. This value can be an interesting story, some tips or advice, it could be freebies or discounts. Its not hard to do, it just takes a little bit of thought and creativity.

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