About Danbo & Serina

Hello from Danbo and Serina …

We are partners in business and a couple in our personal lives. Some of our friends wonder how we have time to spend alone, but we make it happen. We just are sure we have outside interests of our own.

We have a whole brood of animals including some pigs, sheep and chickens. That’s outside, of course. Indoors, we have a cute plump singing bird who eats too much, an equally fat dog who looks for crumbs all day, and a very quiet demure kitten that probably thinks everyone else is too unrefined… hahahaha ….

Our farm house is tiny, but we don’t need alot and we don’t put on any airs. As long as everyone, beast and human, gets food and is happy, that is our goal.

I am Danbo and I like to do the fiddly and technical stuff on the site. I do some writing, but have basically set up the site and done the graphics.

Serina loves to write, although she would rather chat with people, if the opportunity exists. Her and some other girlfriends get together once a week to work on a beautiful quilt that is going to be raffled off for charity.

We both do chores around the place and we are happy to call it Our Sweet Little Home.

Our Best Wishes To You,
Danbo & Serina

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