5 Super Simple SEO Tactics for Beginners

SEO servicesAre you trying to rank your website in Google? Are you scared of getting whacked with some sort of evil Google penalty? But also keen to get some nice free to traffic to your web site? For a total beginner search engine optimization can be scary and intimidating. You can give yourself the SEO edge over your competition without having to hire the best SEO companies to optimize your site.

To get going you need to play it very safe (especially if your website is brand new), take it slowly and stick to the simple things that will set you off on the right path. Check out these five super simple SEO tactics perfect for beginners and then you can look around the site at the more advanced stuff over time.

  1. Make your content rich
  2. Make your content longer
  3. Build easy safe links
  4. Use internal contextual linking
  5. Avoid ALL SPAM!

Make your content rich – When you are creating content for your site do not just write long articles and stick them up there. Instead add lots of other types of content. These will signal to Google that your page is good quality and it will also encourage your visitors to stay on your site for longer. (Which will also help with SEO but more importantly with conversion which is of course the ultimate goal).

So for example you could create a YouTube video and embed it, or you could go on YouTube.com find a decent video on the same subject as your post and use that instead. Obviously some good quality images will add to the quality of the site. Finally you can add links to other interesting stuff on your site and also to other websites with useful info related to the topic.

Make your content longer – Longer content is better for a couple of reasons. Firstly Google sees it as more valuable. Secondly the more words you have on a page the more long tail keyword variations you can rank for. This allows you to pick up traffic from a wide range of phrases rather than just the primary phrases you are try to rank for.

Build easy safe links – Links help you rank but they can also hurt you rankings especially if you buy SEO services from a dodgy SEO agency. But it is easy to build safe links to get you started on the safe path. Create social media platforms on all the social media platforms (when we say all we mean all the less known ones as well). One most of these platforms you can link back to your website’s homepage. You can also interlink all your other social media platform so they are all connected. This will be a great start to your link building and it is 10% safe.

Use internal contextual linking – Linking from one post to another is a good simple way to improve your on site SEO. Don’t go crazy just do it naturally where it makes sense to refer to a related post.

Avoid ALL SPAM – This tip is about what NOT to do. Do not stuff your website with keywords. Do not use any on site black hat SEO techniques. Do not order any SEO services from an SEO company (most of them are just SEO reseller packages). Just by avoiding this stuff and building a decent website with good content you will already be on the right path. Avoid the common pitfalls and give yourself an advantage over the idiots who fall for this stuff.

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