5 Simple Steps to Guest Blogging

guestOf all the type of linking building you can you to help your site rank better in the Google search results; guest blogging is one of the best.

It can be done safely and it can be done in a way that produces great results.

BUT you need to be careful and you need to do it in the right way to make sure you site does not get penalized.

In this post we will teach you the basics in these five simple steps:

  1. Pick the sites you want to work with.
  2. Study and interact.
  3. Reach out with a win-win proposal.
  4. Write an awesome article.
  5. Share it far and wide!

Pick the sites you want to work with

The first step to this process is to create a list of sites you would like to guest post on. These sites should be in your niche or something similar and they should be well indexed in Google (do a site:websitedomain.com search to check this). The chances of a direct competitor linking to you are very slim so the ideal sites are ones that are related to your own site but not directly competing against it. For example if you owned a pet supplies website a dog lover’s blog would be ideal. You need to gather a large list of these websites. Ten would be a good start but a hundred would be way, way better.

Study and interact

Pick a handful of sites from your list and start to interact with them. Follow them on all their social media profiles and engage with them. Comment on their blog posts and their YouTube videos. The idea is to add value to their marketing efforts and get yourself on their radar. You want to prime them so that by the time you reach out to them they already know who you are and that they think positively about you. This is just online networking and shouldn’t take too much time.

Reach out with a win-win proposal

Contact them via email ask them if they would like more content for their blog. Tell them you would like to write a high quality blog post for their site in return for a link to your site. Also let them know that you will share the post across all your social media platforms, which of course means more potential traffic for them.

Write an awesome article

Make sure you write a really awesome article. Really work hard to add value to their site. Get some licenced images, maybe a YouTube video to embed, some external links for more reading. Do everything you can to make it really good. This will make them happy they agreed to it, they might ask you to do more and you can use this as an example when contacting other bloggers.

Share it far and wide!

Share the post across all your social media platforms, email it your list  and do anything else you can to help it get read. The more traffic the site owner gets from your work the better.

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